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We wish to offer our grateful acknowledgment to Dr. Albert P. Ross II of COASTAL FORCES for the use of many of his excellent drawings, and for the considerable technical assistance he has given over the years. Without his input, MICROGLASS would have had a harder road to travel.

TAUBMAN PLANS SERVICE was acquired in late 2004 by LOYALHANNA DOCKYARD upon retirement of the company's founder. Since then, the new owners have updated and expanded the catalog to include several new drawings sources, and hundreds of new plans. Be/sure to visit their new and improved website: www.taubmansonline.com Their address is: 7527 Gilbert Rd., Bergen, N.Y. 14416, Phone: (585) 494-0027

Loyalhanna Dockyard continues to grow, offering one of the largest and most comprehensive catalogs in the industry. The company specializes in imported British model kits, props and fittings. The new owners have reorganized sales and advertising, and have increased the number of kit manufacturers for a wider variety of offerings. Their address is: 7527 Gilbert Rd, Bergen, NY 14416, Phone: (585) 494-0027.

John Fryant's vintage riverboat plans enterprise, Paddlewheels & Props, has a new address, his having retired and moved from Alexandria, VA to the Cincinnati, OH area. Now with a little more spare time on his hands and some room to spread out, he's back in business at: 7672 Crystal Cove Pt, Maineville, OH 45039, Phone: (513) 899-9258.


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