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Years ago, fine ship models were fashioned by skilled craftsmen, each part fabricated, fitted and attached. They were built from raw stock, one at a time.

Today, at the turning of the millennium, things are done in much the same manner, except that there are more advantageous and time-saving ways to replicate ships of the sea. Items are available that provide significant shortcuts for the modeler, such as resin and Britannia metal cast fittings, manufactured plastic and brass shapes, and of course, fiberglass.

We make hulls in all kinds of shapes and in many sizes, ranging from very small dinghies to medium sized vessels. Items range from launches, tugs, and Coast Guard cutters, to small combat vessels, fishermen, and speedboats. Our variety of offerings is such that there may be at least something that will catch the individual ship modeler's interest.

Additional hulls are constantly under development as new subject material is becoming more readily available. Some come as a result of popular demand, others from customers' special orders, and a few are from just plain whimsey. Your ideas and input regarding future items are most welcome.

Karl Kalb


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