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Custom Molds

If you don't find exactly what you want within these pages, this route may be right for you. The cost may well be within your modeling budget.

Custom molding services are available to those who wish to have molds and replicas made to their specifications. This may be an item from the client's own molds, or from units that have been fabricated by MICROGLASS from a supplied master model, or complete model project created from the ground up. Charges will vary on the work performed, with size and degree of difficulty being a significant factor. Prices will go down considerably if you furnish a mold-ready hull master, with a smooth and true finish. No balsa wood, please. As no two projects are alike, neither will be the quotes. Please contact us for an estimate. Once an agreement is reached, a 50% deposit is required before work will begin on your hull.

We will not accept any private molding work that is known or suspected of being a duplicate or retooling of an existing product by another manufacturer.



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